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We are Paranormal investigators (not thrill seeking ghost hunters) who conduct investigations along the Lower Mainland and Interior and surrounding areas.

Investigations and what we do

A new idea to facilitate our service to you is to download all data at the end of an investigation directly into your computer-All you would need to do is download Picasa2 from Google-This free program offers an excellent photo album and is able to read all digital camera provided the investigator has their camera cable with them. These photographs would be left in your computer in a folder entitled “Ghost hunt” and you would see the results immediately.

A ghost investigation and what it entails.

When we are asked to do an investigation there are a couple of things that you as the potential “client” should be aware of. We need to talk, we need to have people in your home and we need to take photographs, recordings and use other equipment that helps us to determine whether or not you indeed have something strange going on.

You certainly have your own concerns: how reliable are we? What do we do? How many people? How come so many personal questions? Does it need to be on a website? Will this help me?

We’ll try to answer to the best of our ability.

How reliable are you?

We are amateur ghost investigators in BC – British Columbia. We certainly do not know everything and what we think we know is mainly conjecture. We have conducted a number of investigations here in the lower mainland as well as participate in ghost investigations in the United States. All of our members are compassionate and care about your concerns and sworn to confidentiality. We have access to other agencies that assist us as required in the event you need something special. We have studied all the accepted practises and standards of paranormal protocols which I feel lends us considerable credibility. We have picked up a fair bit of experience along the way. Our main concern is to do nothing that will make the matter worse. We do not want to sensationalise your situation. We want to know if things really do bump in the night. We think they might.

What will happen?

STEP 1: Well let’s start at the beginning. Usually we are contacted by someone either by phone or usually by email. In most cases this email is a collection of events that have happened to a person or family within a dwelling (either residential or a business or public place). There are some details that we look for in the email that support possible paranormal involvement. (There are a lot of consistencies it seems when spirits are involved or more honestly seem to be involved). Once we have the contact email, one of us will respond with some pointed questions of our own.

STEP 2: Our lead investigator will phone you and we’ll talk about some of the things mentioned in their email. We have a list of things we need further answers to. Some of these questions will be further clarification of “your” information as well as some questions we have that may on the surface of things seem unrelated. This information exchanged between “you” and Vancouver Paranormal representative will not be shared with the other team members and will be used as control situations. Based on this information exchange we progress to STEP 3.

STEP 3: A team of people will arrive at “your” place of residence or business. This team will collect as much data as we possibly can with our equipment. One of our team members will interview “you” privately and we tape this interview. It will never be on the website under any circumstances. It is never made public or shared with anyone unrelated to our group. Other adults may also be interviewed privately. This preliminary investigation is used to determine intensity levels, activity levels etc. It usually lasts a couple of hours and takes part in the early evening on a weekend.

STEP 4: After we send out our first investigation team, all data is discussed and we will examine the materials. During this time, one of our group may be talking to you to further clarify information. When all data has been processed then one of us will call you to discuss what we need to do next.

STEP 5: Most activities seem to occur during the evening or overnight. We need to be there to see if we are able to witness or document this activity. Essentially we need to be there when it gets “hot”. Having a bunch of people you do not know in your house when you are asleep isn’t the most appetizing thought and we can certainly appreciate it. We try to do this as delicately as we can. We arrive late in the evening (again on a weekend) and we set up in the basement or the room of activity and try to be as quiet as it is humanly possible to do. We encourage the family to retire to their rooms, they can watch TV or do whatever they need to do but we do need the house quiet. We will have a variety of sensors in place that monitor motion and heat temps. We will have infrared cameras set up around hot spots and tape recorders listening to the darkness.

STEP 6: Once more we collect all the data and try to determine if “you” indeed have something that points to paranormal activity. At some point during the next day, we will call and see how the night went for “you”. Oddly enough people seem to actually sleep better when we are engaged in the overnight-perhaps they are reassured by our presence.

STEP 7: We are happy to provide you with a CD disk (free of charge) with all the pertinent photographs and member notes. This is given upon request when the investigation has been terminated to all parties satisfaction.

Why do you need so many people?

Generally in order to do a detailed and in-depth investigation we usually need at least ten people in attendance. These people are usually (but not always) split into two groups. A smaller place we can sometimes get away with less. Each person on our team is first most a data collector and more people means more information available for us to examine. We have some members who play a dual role. Some are psychic or more correctly seem to have some ability in this area or claim to and we are able to test this as well (as in: we test our own members claims). Others are our technicians-they maintain and operate some of our gear and are best able to decide where to place the equipment. Others are team leaders who maintain protocols and decorum while we are on investigation and keep the situation tight and controlled. We have sceptics and researchers and all play a vital role when they are on investigation. Data and information collecting is paramount and the only way that we can make some decisions concerning your circumstance.

Why the personal questions?

We need to establish history and the only way we can do this is to ask questions. None of this personal information is posted on any website we are involved with without “your” permission. We are willing to “relocate” your home, change your name etc. “You” call the shots in this regard. We have several investigations listed in our archives and we have three times as many that are not listed at all. Should you be okay with your house and investigation getting published on our website-we blank out faces and addresses and anything that might identify you.

Does it need to be on a website?

No, not at all. This is always “your” final decision. Your privacy is always paramount and will be respected under every circumstance.

Will it help?

Sometimes, yes. We have found that people seem to be more relaxed about their circumstance after we have visited. Perhaps a wider understanding or an acceptance of their situation occurs. We may actually discover other more normal causes for the problems you seem to be having. We will do our best to look at every possible cause both “paranormal” and normal. We also have other resources that we can put “you” in touch with (bear in mind, some of these resources may charge but we do not collect anything by referring you to them). Generally people do seem to do better after we have visited.

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